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There is no better value opportunity in Australia to reach online retailers in an environment where they are already thinking about business improvement.

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Power Retail is Australasia’s Number One news and information resource for the online and multichannel retail community;  created by Grant Arnott, former editor and publisher of Marketing magazine, content manager for the highly successful Online Retailer Conference and co-founder of Click Frenzy, internationally recognised as Australia’s biggest online shopping event

Power Retail is a continuously improving news and information resource for the online retail industry, catering for all levels of business from loungeroom start-ups to established multichannel powerhouses. The site exists to help bridge the knowledge gap between what is being done and what can be done in online and multichannel retailing.

Power Retail’s content spans the full breadth of the online retail journey, from basic e-commerce set-up essentials to advanced strategic insights from globally recognised thought leaders. Content is delivered across a multitude of online media formats, including:
important industry news
best practice case profiles
Special Reports
video (PowerRetailTV)
enewsletter (PowerRetailExtra)

Power Retail is the only dedicated media resource for this industry in Australasia, delivered by an experienced team of business media professionals. As of February 2017, Power Retail features over 4,500 articles, 56 Special Reports and 10 high-quality business books exclusively focused on delivering strategic benefit to online and multichannel retailing.
For any e-commerce business in this region, Power Retail is the definitive online hub for information, comment, case studies, interaction with peers and essential industry news.
For advertisers, it is an opportunity to have a presence where the target audience (retailers) is spending time researching, gathering information and building knowledge.
Power Retail is designed to stimulate thinking and inspire action, and you want your product top of mind when retailers are making their next strategic investment decisions.

For more information on available opportunities, contact:

Adrian Wakeham

Business Development Manager

+61 3 9585 9894 or +61 459 535 555