Prinitha Govender

Prinitha is the Editor of Power Retail. She has an editorial background in digital and newspaper publishing, news and sports presenting, as well as PR in politics. Prinitha is passionate about fashion, lifestyle, health and wellbeing, loves adventure and enjoys a bit of retail therapy to complement her personal style.

Prinitha’s Articles

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Online Retailers Doing More Than Selling Stuff

In a world that’s so commercially focused, it’s nice to know there are a few online retailers out there who are trying to do more than sell things – they’re trying to make a positive difference in the world in day-to-day operations. Come, let’s meet some of them.

Ry Launches Curated MUA Shop

Ry Launches Curated MUA Shop

Australian online beauty retailer RY has today launched MUA Shop – a curated range to create a more customer focused offering, which the company says is all about making online shopping easier and more inspiring.

new home for the body shop nurtura

A New Home for The Body Shop

Following an extensive review of the strategic options for The Body Shop to ensure its best future development, L’Oréal has received a firm offer from Natura Cosméticos SA to acquire The Body Shop and has entered into exclusive discussions with Natura.