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Why Omnichannel is the Way Forward retail e-commerce

Why Omnichannel is the Way Forward

Two Goldman Sachs executives talk about the different measures of success in e-commerce, and why the marriage between bricks and mortar and online could be where the success lies, although it all depends on the vertical and the product.

Ikea Now Selling on Amazon

Ikea Now Selling on Amazon

As assortment of Ikea products from lamps, furniture and a mix of homewares are now available for sale on Amazon, with most of its merchandise available to Prime members with two-day free shipping.

Did You Know Emojis May Increase Email Read Rate? emojis email marketing online retail e-commerce

Did You Know Emojis May Increase Email Read Rate?

A new research report from Return Path has revealed that emojis may be a useful addition in email marketing. The report found that subject lines containing emojis often saw higher read rates than their text-only counterparts.

Tony Bianco and Pitney Bowes Partner for Global Expansion

Fashion Influencers Catapult Tony Bianco Globally

Tony Bianco has grown from an Australian shoe retailer to now being seen around the world, photographed on some of Australia’s and the world’s best-dressed personalities. The company has now decided to sell its merchandise globally.

new home for the body shop nurtura

A New Home for The Body Shop

Following an extensive review of the strategic options for The Body Shop to ensure its best future development, L’Oréal has received a firm offer from Natura Cosméticos SA to acquire The Body Shop and has entered into exclusive discussions with Natura.