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Based on existing buyer behaviour, the rate of digital adoption and overall infrastructure, Australia is one of the top three countries ready for omnichannel retail1. Smartphone penetration is approaching 89%2, and mobile commerce is expanding rapidly, particularly with the easy availability of new entries to the market such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

For a retailer faced with a total system overhaul to keep up with these rapidly evolving shopper expectations, this change can seem overwhelming. Here are three key steps to take towards delivering a unified customer experience across all channels:

  1. Make it easy for mobile

There are many debates about the expected growth of mobile commerce, but here are a few facts: The Adyen platform shows that mobile currently accounts for 37% of global online purchases, 50% are in Australia.

Crucial to success is to redesign the shopper flow around mobile devices. This means minimising steps to purchase, and eliminating the need to enter long strings of numbers by supporting one-click payments.

  1. Consolidate your channels

This is no overnight solution. But, once your physical store, your app and your website are running from the same system, it makes it easy to support the following omnichannel journeys:

– Buy online, collect in store –Not only does this offer convenience, but it produces the positive side effect of enabling easier upselling to customers (32% according to one survey4) while they are in-store. One global apparel brand saw an increase in sales close to 5%5.

– Cross-channel returns –Allowing your shoppers to return an online purchase in-store will address a significant pain point, and remove another barrier to purchase.

– Endless aisles – where shoppers in-store have access to the entire inventory via an in-store tablet. Customers who purchase both online and in-store tend to have increased brand loyalty – offering a 30% higher lifetime value to a retailer6.

  1. Delight with data

Each shopper touch point brings a wealth of data, which can be used to improve the service. Mobile apps can provide insights into shopper location, purchase history and payment and delivery details. And checkout pages can be analysed to evaluate time-to-completion, and bounce rates. By consolidating your sales channels into one system, you will be able to track your performance and build a 360-degree view of your shoppers to help improve loyalty.

Keeping abreast of rapidly emerging trends can be a daunting task for retailers. But with the right partners and the latest technology, you can deliver a range of customer journeys that keep your shoppers coming back for more.

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  3. Based on growth reports from Adyen platform
  4. Drapers Multichannel Report

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