53: Enterprise E-Commerce Platforms


The most robust enterprise-level e-commerce platforms are designed to handle high levels of website traffic and massive SKU counts, operate multiple sites across different regions, and integrate with a diverse range of front- and back-end systems and applications. But how do you determine which platform is right for you?

Upgrading to an enterprise-level e-commerce platform or undertaking a re-platforming project is a significant investment in money, time and resources.

Due to the cost and complexity of these sophisticated platforms, a business must have a detailed understanding of what is required from the new platform and what sort of deployment best suits the business. Choosing an experienced implementation and integration partner is also integral to a smooth re-platforming project.

This Special Report will focus on enterprise-level e-commerce platforms to provide the insight and guidance your business requires to help you understand the platform options available, prepare a re-platforming strategy, help find the best implementation partner, and take some of the pain out of this challenging process.

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