Digital Performance Benchmark Report for Australian Retailers


This report from Dynatrace provides global data and insights on how site response times, site complexity and changing customer demands impact retailer revenue.

Dynatrace has released a site performance benchmark report for Australian retailers .  This report shows that during the course of 2015:

– Australian retailers consistently served up some of the slowest sites in the world

– The Australian average homepage response time grew 51% from 5.47 seconds in January to 8.26 seconds in December.

РComparatively, the global average homepage response time grew 23% from 3.76 seconds in January to 4.65 seconds in December. 

– Third party hosts and plug-ins are one of the biggest causes for the site load slow down for local retailers (average # of hosts per site jumped 27% from 26 in January to 33 in December).

The report also highlights:

– The 2015 top 5 Aus retail performers (Myer, Apple, Target, GraysOnline, Dell)

– The technical make up of the top 5, bottom 5 and average performers

– The site make up of Apple sites across the world and why they succeed at site performance.

To create the Digital Performance Benchmark Report, Dynatrace used its global synthetic monitoring network to track the performance data of 300+ retailers across nine countries, every 15 minutes, during the entire 2015 year.

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